Oil & Gas

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Oil/Gas Initiative

Nathan Eady
VP/Project Manager, SCS Tracer Environmental
[email protected]
805-346-6591, ext. 101
SCS Engineers

The Oil/Gas Initiative is designed to support the industry’s efforts to maximize northern Santa Barbara county area on-shore oil/gas reserves in creating/sustaining family wage jobs and other critical countywide economic benefits from the revenues generated by producing our local reserves , while protecting the unique quality of life of California’s central coast.

Past Activities
Design and delivery of a series of “Petroleum 101” half-day seminars created to build awareness and understanding of the incredible oil/gas market opportunity in northern Santa Barbara County. Over numerous seminar sessions, Petroleum 101 co-hosts Santa Maria Energy and EconAlliance introduced over 500 people to Santa Barbara County’s unique oil/gas industry revenue opportunity.

Design and delivery of a day-long “all-of-the-above” energy forum “The California Energy Action Summit (CEAS)” in April, 2013 featuring national, state and regional experts on oil/gas, alternative energy, regulation, economic impact and job creation. Event was attended by over 300 people, including elected State representatives, Santa Barbara County Supervisors, regional mayors and city officials, as well as Chamber of Commerce executives, industry and business leaders and northern Santa Barbara County residents. A University of California, Santa Barbara report on the oil/gas industry’s economic impact to the County was a highlight of the event.

For data on the impact of Oil & Gas in Northern Santa Barbara County.

Current and Near-Term Activities
Evaluation of past activities and design of follow-on efforts.

Oil/Gas seminars, workshops and forum events.

Advocacy to address roadblocks to the industry’s conscientious efforts to help the County leverage its vast oil/gas assets.