Delays, Uncertainty, Regulations and Taxes “DURT”

To keep our North County industries strong, we need to help educate the public and policymakers about the impacts on jobs and the economy of delays, uncertainty, regulation and taxes. EconAlliance is actively engaged with industry stakeholders to better understand the impacts of issues and projects and help educate decision-makers about the benefits of positive industry policies and the downsides of policies with negative industry/job/economic impact.

EconAlliance encourages cross-industry support, monitors County meetings, and reaches out to County supervisors and other policymakers to educate them about the benefits and economic impacts of enhanced or expanded operations of North County industry partners and the jobs they bring. Policymakers are also encouraged to attend EconAlliance industry events.

In celebrating and supporting key Northern Santa Barbara County industries, EconAlliance pays attention to potential impacts of public policies and decisions affecting these key industries (vis a vis jobs, expansion or line of business constraints, etc.) Educating policymakers and the public on issues impacting industry, or on solutions alleviating negative impacts, can keep North County industries and communities strong. Contact [email protected] if you would like to help with our educational DURT effort, or be on the EconAlliance mailing list, which advises stakeholders about potential areas of impact to jobs and companies.

Current & Past Activies

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Other DURT Information

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