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2018 “Growing Possibilities” Ag Forum
Friday, February 2, 2018
12:30 p.m. – light eats/exhibit visits/networking
1:30 p.m. – Program
4:30 p.m. – Wine and appetizer reception
Event Chairperson:
Lorena Chavez, DL Farm Mgmt
Former president, California Strawberry Commission
EconAlliance Ag Team Leads:
George Adam, Innovative Produce
Steve Jordan, Baroda Farms

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2018 Growing Possibility Flyer

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Northern Santa Barbara County Agriculture

EconAlliance celebrates the important role that agriculture plays in our Northern Santa Barbara County economy and quality of life. The sector’s importance to North County’s rural character, food security, innovation/technology and local nonprofits is matched only by the sector’s countywide economic and job impact.

Santa Barbara County’s robust agriculture sector contributes $2.8 billion, with $1.8 billion in direct economic output and an additional $1 billion in expenditures by ag companies and employees. The County job impact of agriculture is 25,370 jobs. The ag sector provides 15,971 direct jobs, with an additional 9,399 jobs created through ag and ag employee spending. In 2014 “top crops” in Santa Barbara County included strawberries (#1), wine grapes (#2) and broccoli (#3). County agriculturalists are active exporters, as well, with 13,000 shipments of commodities for 2014. Top three County ag export destinations are Canada, Japan and Mexico.*

The ag sector attracts and/or sustains a wealth of ag-related or support businesses (from irrigation to environmental analysis to construction) which, together with ag jobs, offer local residents a wealth of job and career options at every level and wage category – entry level field work; ag-related technician or specialist occupations; professional, scientific and business careers and executive and ownership opportunities.

Many Northern Santa Barbara County agriculturalists are also supporting regional innovation through science and technology advancement, experimenting with hybridization, automation, remote sensing, robotics, and precision farming.

Because of its many contributions to economic vitality, job opportunities, food security, innovation, scenic/rural beauty, community support and environmental sustainability, EconAlliance is committed to celebrating agriculture and advancing public awareness of the
*Economic and job impacts from 2016 EconAlliance Ag Forum presentation by Ag Commissioner Cathy Fisher, referencing Economic Contributions of Santa Barbara County Ag Report

EconAlliance Ag Initiative Team:

Co-Lead: George Adam, President, Innovative Produce, Santa Maria
Co-Lead: Steve Jordan, Lompoc Farming, Lompoc

“Growing Possibilities” video on Northern Santa Barbara County agriculture was inspired by EconAlliance, with Allan Hancock College sponsoring the video development. Appreciation to Donna Polizzi, Stimulus Marketing, for video production and to Lisa Bodrogi, Cuvee Consulting, for script development.

February 2016 Ag Forum Event Team

George Adam, Innovative Produce, Co-Chair
Steve Jordan, Lompoc Farming, Co-Chair
Andy Rice, OSR Enterprises, Co-Chair
The Honorable Alice Patino, City of Santa Maria
Teri Bontrager, Executive Director, Farm Bureau of Santa Barbara County
Terri Lee Coleman, STEM Initiative, Allan Hancock College

Margaret Lau, Director, Allan Hancock College Environmental Training Center
Claire Wineman, President, Grower-Shipper Assn. of Santa Barbara/San Luis Obispo Counties

Victoria Conner, Consultant/Initiatives Director, EconAlliance (Event Lead)

diamond families

There are many long-time Northern Santa Barbara County families who have been engaged in agriculture for decades. At the 2016 “Growing Possiblities” Agriculture Forum, we are celebrating those families who have been in continuous row crop production for 75 years or more. Families involved in field, floral or nursery crops, ranching, wine grapes or citrus or other crops will be recognized at future events.

This is perhaps only a partial list of those families, and we apologize if we have missed a qualifying family, and hope to recognize them in the future. But today we recognize these families for their many contributions to our ag community, to our area and to our regional quality of life.

Adam Family | Read History
Ardantz Family
Donati Family | Read History
Ferini Family
Frazier Family
Freitas Family
Lundberg Family | Read History
Mahoney Family | Read History
Rice Family
Sheehy Family | Read History


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Economic Impact of Santa Barbara County Agriculture:

Presentation of SBC Ag Commissioner Cathy Fisher at February 5, 2016 EconAlliance Ag Forum: