About Us

About Us

Possibility Thinkers Launching a High-Performance Regional Economy

The Economic Alliance of Northern Santa Barbara County (EconAlliance) is a nonprofit organization. It began as a grass roots effort of a diverse group of North County economic and community leaders interested in increasing family-wage jobs through innovation and support of the key growth industry sectors that fuel North County’s economic prosperity.

EconAlliance drives positive economic impact through strategic initiatives and programs that support target industry sectors and North County vitality. The organization is committed to bold collaboration and the leveraging of regional assets and talent to enhance Chamber, City, and County economic development efforts. EconAlliance provides the dynamic inspiration for a high-performance, globally competitive Northern Santa Barbara County economy.

Our Vision

EconAlliance is the catalyst for bold collaboration inspiring regional vitality and global competitiveness.


The mission of EconAlliance is to create a high performance, globally competitive, regional economy.

To accomplish this we…

  • Champion the industries that provide family wage jobs
  • Remove obstacles to economic vitality by engaging with experts and government officials
  • Drive innovation and energize entrepreneurship
  • Inspire regional collaboration to leverage assets and talent
  • Enhance infrastructure, transportation and work force development

Learn more about our initiatives.

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