2017 Future Forum - Recap

20 November 2017, Comments: 0

Northern Santa Barbara County economic stakeholders gathered Thursday, November 9, 2017 for the EconAlliance annual dinner and Future Forum this year at Hotel Corque. Program highlight this year was a panel on Artificial Intelligence (“AI – For Better or For Worse?”) featuring Foresight Institute President Steve Burgess as moderator, with three distinguished panelists. Dr. Terence Yeoh is Asst. Principal Director, The Aerospace Corporation, and also the lead for the Aerospace team participation in the IBM Watson AI XPRIZE. Paul Cook is Chief Information Officer for CoastHills Credit Union. Dr. Ryan Jenkins is Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Sr. Fellow, Ethics & Emerging Sciences Group, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

Digital West CEO Tim Williams presented “Broadband-State of the Art Globally, Locally”.

The event was attended by a variety of business, industry and government stakeholders, including several North County mayors and council members, and also featured the EconAlliance 2017 Innovation Awards.

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FF 2017 Dr Yeoh-Paul Cook  FF 2017 AI Panel Members  Dubroff Oakley ff 2017  FF 2017 Panel-Burgess pointing-Dr Yeoh w-mic  FF2017 Dr Ryan Jenkins  FF 2017-Burgess semi profile at panel  FF2017 - Orrick-Hitchens-Motta  FF2017 AHC Kevin Walthers accepting Innovation Award  FF2017 Eddie Taylor  FF2017 HeatMap-Broadband  FF2017 EddieTaylor and grp talking  FF2017 Jenkins-Burgess-audience member  FF2017 FF ETaylor-GMorris  FF2017 Yeoh speaking  FF2017 Hitchens w-Orrick  FF2017 VConner-TWilliams  FF2017-2-VConner-SBurgess-TWilliams  FF2017 RobtDickerson w-Ryan Jenkins  FF2017-AI Panel w-moderator  FF2017-Tim Williams presenting (1) FF2017-3-VConner-SBurgess-TWilliams FF2017-Tim Williams at podium (1) FF2017-BOakley at mic  FF2017-BOakley-HDubroff-Walthers coming to podium FF2017-AI Panel-Moderator FF2017-AssmCunningham Rep Felix Esparza w-AHC KWalthers-Mob Armor's Orrick-Hitchens FF2017-Esparza and Walthers FF2017-Jenkins spkg FF2017-Dr.Walthers AHC acceptance Innovation Awd FF2017-Dinner guests FF2017-HDubroff at mic FF2017-Esparza right w-Orrick and Hitchens FF2017-Mob Armor toast FF2017-Panelist Jenkins FF2017-Orrick spkg-Hitchens FF2017-Panelist Jenkins w-moderator Burgess FF2017-Panelists Yeoh and Cook FF2017-Panelist Paul Cook FF2017Paul Cook-Merrie Williams FF2017-SBurgess-AI moderator FF2017-Three panelists FF2017-Taylor w-Morris FF2017-Ryan Jenkins w-Dickersons FF2017-Steve Pepe with Margaret Lau FF2017-Tim Williams at podium FF2017-Trevor Orrick SolveIt Companies-Innovation Awd acceptance FF2017-Tim Williams closeup FF2017-TrevorOrrick-JoelHitchens-SolveItCompanies-Innovation Award FF2017-TYeoh spkg to guest FF2017-Tim Williams speaking FF2017-Tim Williams presenting FF2017-Yeoh panelist spkg FF2017-Yeoh-Cook-Jenkins-Burgess FF2017-VConner w-Mayor Patino Motta and Walther FF 2017 Halsell PG&E Aera Clos Pepe Vineyard SY Chumash

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